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Desk Calender compatibility: Android 8.0+ 10

The advantage is the appearance of the Czech or Slovak desk calendar for your mobile phones and tablets with all the information you are used to have.

During the current year, it shows the days of the week, names, birthdays and deaths, holidays, when the shops are closed, important days, regularly recurring service and registered reminders in the preview of the selected week. Birthdays and notes can be easily searched.

After sign in into googledriveGoogle Drive your data will not only be backed up, but also synced between your android devices and instances of the Windows application.

After sign in into the online database firebaseFirebase in addition, you will be able to forward selected people's birthdays and your plans to another person, with whom you will connect using a unique number.

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Installation requirements
During installation, you must allow the system to install this application from an unknown source.
Download installation  Play Store
You can install from web to your smart phone. Click install and choose your self-phone or tablet.
Version Date What is new
2.0 27.06.2021 fix repeated notification
1.9 20.06.2021 second time for plan reminder
1.8 16.06.2021 fix plan reminder
1.7 08.06.2021 fix edit focus
1.6 03.06.2021 fix connection creation
1.5 02.06.2021 fix checking version
1.4 31.05.2021 fix Google Drive detection
1.3 20.05.2021 notification service
1.2 13.05.2021 user testing
1.1 12.05.2021 my testing
1.0 10.05.2021 first version


The time buttons below move the time forward and press and hold to the past. Touch the day number to change the default day for determining the time offset. You can edit birthdays or schedules. Press and hold to forward the event to another person. Swipe the screen to go to the other screens, two on the left and two on the right.

Screen map: Database - Search - Calendar - Edit - Link

Kalendář náhled týdne


Additional people or plans are added automatically when you fill in the last blank. If you want to delete a person or plan, just delete their name or text.



You can search the data for text written next to a magnifying glass. Click the magnifying glass to toggle between searching anywhere in the text, or the text must start anyway. You can select by selecting below you only switch searches in people or plans. Touch the column name to sort the data alphabetically. Touch the arrow to move to the beginning or end of the list. Touching the second arrow moves the entire list affected by the search to the upload screen, where you can still select what to send.




Connect Buttons: You either generate a key and pass it on to another person or enter the key you receive. Touching the connection copies the connection key to the clipboard. You can delete a connection by pressing and holding on the connection.

Send You select the events you want to send and select to whom to send them - Send.

Receive The other person receives the notification as if you received a message on your mobile phone. Touching a notification opens a list of received events, and you can choose which events to add to your calendar.